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Hey, what's up!

Depending on who you ask, my name is either Dan Kubacki or Crank, and I'm a web designer based in Michigan. I took courses for it throughout high school before going to Specs Howard upon graduation. While there I was introduced to the fundamentals of design, as well as many of the other programs that I use today.

After getting my degree, I came to be the school's graphic intern for approximately six months, up until I was hired by MyCityPrize, where I currently work now. Since my hire on April 2nd, 2014 I've worked much more directly with the web and am extremely proud of how far I've come, and where I strive to go. I don't work with templates and try to make each project I take on entirely it's own.

I do logo work, web design, and print, but I'm more than happy to take on any challenge. I'm fully aware that the people who need web work the most aren't the people who can afford to drop massive money bags from the sky on it, so I charge by hourly rate depending on the project.

If you're interested in some sort of design work, be it web or otherwise, be sure to contact me so we can work something out!